I’m a former teacher and school administrator, nonprofit leader, current small business owner, and Durham Councilmember. I’ve educated our youth to be active and engaged citizens. I continue to encourage that spirit as a small business owner by hiring and training community members most in need of a decent paying job. My entire adult life, I’ve worked to support families by creating access to opportunities and resources necessary for a better quality of life.

Prior to being on Durham City Council, I’ve helped create coalitions to combat economic disruption from COVID-19 for small businesses and restaurants, built coalitions to combat hunger across our city, and worked with community members to address the dire need to reduce crime.

Since being elected to the Council, among my accomplishments, I have focused on a citywide apprenticeship program to enhance workforce development and address the 27,000 job vacancies in Durham, helping to bridge people to better wages and housing. I have led the Taskforce on Black Men and Boys to establish concrete recommendations on addressing gun violence. I have also passed a historic budget without raising taxes and supporting our first responders.

I love Durham, and this city has given me and my family so much, but this campaign isn’t about me. It’s about what’s best for our city now and creating a legacy for the future. We’ve made great progress in my time on the Council, and I am proud to be consequential in that work. However, Durham’s next transformation is just beginning. As a city, we do face serious challenges, yet our opportunities are far greater. We need thoughtful solutions and actionable outcomes to tackle our challenges and seize our opportunities. I’m prepared to be your mayor, Durham. I’m running because I believe that together we can create the future that Durham deserves.




My support for the HEART program, reflected in my votes, has led to the addition of 30 new roles, underscoring unarmed interventions and compassionate security measures.


I stand firmly behind the City’s ambitious $160 million, five-year housing plan. I also backed Housing for New Hope’s initiative to refurbish 130 units for Durham’s residents facing homelessness.


Together with Councilmember Caballero, I’ve been instrumental in broadening our transit reach, ensuring buses remain fare-free, and endorsing pedestrian pathways.


My dedication to our immigrant and refugee communities shines through my backing of the new City-County office and efforts to assist residents facing deportation risks.


I advocated for the launch of this program to address job vacancies and improve wages, ensuring economic relief for our community.


I allocated funds for a task force dedicated to delving into the underlying causes of gun violence, aiming for effective resource distribution and a substantial reduction in violent incidents.


Working across North Carolina and the Triangle, I will continue to build relationships and represent our city to support our residents here in Durham.


I am a bridge builder and a firm believer in consensus building. Effective governance requires collaboration and cooperation, even when differing viewpoints are present. I value diversity of thought and believe that respectful dialogue and open communication are essential in finding common ground and working towards shared goals.

In my role as an elected official, I am committed to ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard and considered, regardless of their background or beliefs. As your mayor, I promise to dedicate my time in representing and advocating for the needs and interests of all constituents, fostering an inclusive and responsive government that serves the entire community.

P.O. Box 287, Durham, NC 27702

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Election Info

Voter Registration Deadlines

  • Friday, September 15th at 5:00 pm for the October 10th, 2023 Municipal Primary and Election.
  • Friday, October 13th at 5:00 pm for the November 7th, 2023 Municipal General Election.

One-Stop Early Voting:

  • Thursday, September 21st to Saturday, October 7th for the October 10th, 2023 Municipal Primary and Election.
  • Thursday, October 19th to Saturday, November 4th for the November 7th, 2023 Municipal General Election.
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